Hundreds of wagons of promise

It does not balance one fulfilled debt

- Italian proverb
About Us

De Vries Group as debt collection agency is the successor of the company De Vriess Justitia, which has been operating since 2012 in many European countries and not only here. We have debt collection experience from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain and Georgia. Our goal is to build on these successes and provide high quality collection services to our clients worldwide.

Why De Vries Group?

We are an established collection company with several years of experience in resolving consumer receivables. We can boast demonstrable success in providing services to various financial and telecommunications companies across Europe. Our solutions are cost effective and we always achieve the best results.

Inovation and IT

We are always looking for ways to improve our results and thus the services we provide to our clients. We continuously improve our advanced IT systems and train our employees.

Our Team

You would also not entrust the electrical installation to heaters. The main activity of De Vries Group is the debt collection from consumer loans and this is what we do best. We believe that it is our people who are most important to our results. We emphasize the quality of phone calls, carefully set up reminder letters and SMS reminders, and take a supportive but consistent approach to resolving your claims. We are professional at all times and always discreet - your recommendation is our best advertisement.

Focus on the growth of your business, we will take care of your receivables

Leave your claims to us and focus on your own business. We realize that your business is a priority for you and it took you a lot of time to create the company you have. Let us speed up your cash flow and enforce payments for you while you achieve more and more success with your company.


We are a company based in the Czech Republic and with purely Czech capital, but we are also expanding abroad.
In 2021, we began providing debt collection services and debt portfolio management and purchases in Poland. Further foreign acquisitions are now underway and we are also analyzing other growth opportunities in other countries.

We always provide our clients with services that best suit their needs specific needs.

At the same time, we take care to protect your investment and reputation. Thanks to our active and professional approach to their clients we already extorted back millions of Euros.

Our Services

We work according to the motto no results, no reward, for all our clients. If we do not enforce any performance, we do not charge any costs, because at De Vries Group we are very focused on results. Our experience and skills allow us to work with your claims effectively at all levels and in all cycles, which include the early and late stages of collection.

Amicable stage of collection (out of court)
  • Daily telephone collection (predictive dialer, AI voicebot)
  • E-mail, SMS and online communication
  • Customer portal for debtors
  • Personal visits
  • Search for contact information (online and offline)
  • Negotiation and administration of installment agreements
Judicial and Execution phase
  • Cooperation with a trusted law offices
  • Full framework of legal services in the settlement of claims
  • Very effective notary records
  • Cooperation with certified Executors
Repurchases and management of investment portfolios
Online administration
Our Partners
Mgr. Matouš Hrabal, Advokát

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We are available on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

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